Gates of Summer XIV

May 11 - May 14 2017

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6999 NW 90th St, McCune, KS 66753, United States

More Info:

For rules, schedule of activities, vendors and list of items to bring click on the links below.
Acceptable garb is MANDATORY for everyone attenting the event whether you are a fighter or non combatant!
We will have folks out and about observing and if you are not properly garbed you will be approached.

Gates of Summer XIV Registration

Registration Hours (aka Troll):

  • Thursday: 3pm to 8pm
  • Friday: 9am to 8pm
  • Saturday: 9am to 2pm

Points of Contact: Will get added!!!

  • Administrator: Anna Bergeson Brett Boston
  • Camping Arrangements:
  • Troll:
  • Tournaments:
  • Vendors: Madussa Stoneheart
  • Weapons/Armor check:
  • Archery Weapons check:
  • Battle Master:
  • Courtesy Patrol:
  • Head Herald:
  • Head Clean Up:

Camping Guidlines

  • If you are entering another camp you must hail the camp and get permission to enter.
  • All fires must be contained in a fire ring/pit - if you need more info please contact us.
  • There should be plenty of dead wood located on property. Do not cut down trees.
  • Water will be onsite. Please bring your own containers.
  • Remember nights get cold so bring proper provisions.
  • Weather can always turn - bring tarps and waterproof contianers.
  • Lighting is up to you.
  • You may want to bring emergency repair kits for garb and weapons.

Battles for Gates!!!!! ----- This will be changing!

Share this so people know what is coming.

There will be 6 short battles on friday and 3 longer battles saturday.

Friday Battles - By Malciah

  1. I. Battle: Battle of the Fist
    1. -A. Victory: Team who holds most capture points after 20 mins wins.
    2. -B. Terrain:
      1. 1. Bunkers: High wall rules.
    3. C. Objective: control area around flag so you can raise color of your team. (Flag pole inside each of the 5 bunkers)
    4. D. Reward: Victor becomes Defender in next battle.
  2. II. Battle: The Broken Hand
    1. A. Victory:
      1. 1. Defenders: Stop Attackers from destroying as many bunkers as possible within 20 mins
      2. 2. Attackers: Destroy as many bunkers as possible within 20 mins.
    2. B. Terrain:
      1. 1. Bunkers: High Wall rules.
        1. C. Objective:
          1. 1. The Bombs [Im thinking a punching bag, or a tire, or something of that size/weight]
            1. a. If the Bomb is placed against the wall of the Bunker, the Bunker is destroyed.
            2. b. Any dead attacker can retrieve the bomb.
          2. 2. For each Bunker destroyed, Defenders Res Point will be moved back.
        2. D. Reward:
          1. 1. Defenders: Each bunker defended earns Defenders 10 extra Res's
          2. 2. Attackers: Each Bunker destroyed earns Attackers 15 extra Res's
      2. III. Battle: Attrition Battle
        1. A. Victory: Last man standing [Side on side, 100 Res's]
        2. B. Terrain: None
        3. C. Objective: Kill opponents until they loose all Res's and all fighters are dead, before your team looses all their Res's and your last team mate is killed.
        4. D. Reward: Any un used Res's can be refunded for Shineys in next battle.
      3. IV. Battle: Spoils of War
        1. A. Victory: Have more Shineys scored at the end of 20 mins.
        2. B. Terrain: Barrels (Hula hoops)
        3. C. Objective:
          1. 1. Shineys:
            1. a. Torch rules*
            2. b. Place in Barrel to be scored
            3. c. 5 per barrel
          2. 2. Barrels (hola hoops)
            1. a. Can be moved by enemy team, can not be moved by friendly team.
            2. b. If Barrel crosses center of field, that barrel is destroyed. remove it from field.
        4. D. Reward: The number of full Barrels will be the number of Banners you have in next battle.
      4. V. Battle: Battle of Banners
        1. A. Victory: Capture as many Banners (flags) as possible within 20 mins
        2. B. Terrain: None
        3. C. Objective:
          1. 1. Banners:
            1. a. Normal flag rules*
            2. b. Can be returned to original start location by owner's team if capture was unsuccessful.
        4. D. Reward: Number of Banners you own at end of battle turn into extra stone skin for Black Knight in next battle.
      5. VI. Battle: Long Live the King!
        1. A. Victory: Kill enemy Black Knight
        2. B. Terrain: None
        3. C. Objective: Kill enemy black night.
          1. 1. Res's gradually increase in wave size until battle ends.

      Saturday Battles by Tulkas


      • I. Control Points: (Flag Pole)
        • A. At start of battle, the flag pole simulating the Control Point will be in the neutral position. Unless specifically stated otherwise.
        • B. Once a fighter crosses the (8 ft radius) circle surrounding the Control Point, that fighter is "operating the flag".
          • 1. While "operating the flag" the fighter is "unarmed" meaning anything in their hands is considered part of the limb holding them.
      • II. Torches: (specially marked pool noodle)
        • A. Must be held in an empty hand.
        • B. Does not do damage, is not a weapon. Can be used to block.
      • III. Towers
        • A. There can not be more than 2 people in the Tower at a given time.
        • B. You can kill the archers in the tower by an enemy fighter put an empty hand on the entrance to the tower and counting to 5 Dagorhir.


      • I. Unification Wars (Warlord Battle/Unit battle)
        • A. Description: Fortune favors the bold, only the strongest survive. Convert your enemies and rise to power or be converted in turn.
        • B. Map (to be determined could be on the edge of the ruined city, in the ruined city, or on open map)
        • C. Victory: Be the last General standing
        • D. Special characters
          • 1. General: Has 3 stone skin
            • a. For this battle, the General is able to heal, or resurrect any dead fighter to their team by saying their battle cry (for example: FOR THE EMPEROR).
            • b. If a General is resurrected, he can resurrect dead fighters for the new team, but does not retain his stone skin.
        • E. Death rules
          • 1. When you are killed, drop where you die.
          • 2. When you are resurrected you are to stand up and count to 5 Dagorhir, if you are struck by an enemy in that time, the resurrection is interrupted and fighter returns to a dead position.
        • F. Teams rules
        • 1. Split into your units/realms.
        • 2. Each team will have one General carrying a torch.
      • II. Battle of Davin (Urban Combat, Conquest)
        • A. Description: Control a majority of the simulated urban ruin map in order to score points and gain strategic position, while your enemies are doing the same.
        • B. Map: Central clear boulevard with Red Team's starting resurrection point to the map north, and Blue Team's resurrection point to map south. Ruins on either side, with Archer Towers, Enclosed Buildings, Walls, and Control Points
        • C. Victory: First to 18 points wins
          • 1. Scoring: Every 5 minuets, to the designated sound (megaphone or horn) 1 point is awarded to per Control Point owned by that team.
        • D. Control Point rules: (see PROPS)
          • 1.If a Control Point is owned by a team, that team can resurrect at that Control Point's resurrection cone
            • a. A fighter can resurrect at a friendly controlled Control Point's resurrection point with a count of 10 Dagorhir.
        • E. Terrain rules
          • 1. Walls and Buildings are to be considered High Walls.
            • a. Melee weapons can not swing through High Walls.
            • b. Being pushed through high walls is death.
      • III. Battle of Terra (Black Knight battle)
        • A. Description: Cut the head off the snake by killing the enemy general.
        • B. Map: Square open field. Red Resurrection point in NW corner, Blue Resurrection point in SE corner.
        • C. Victory: Kill the enemy General. Victory awarded to team with living General
        • D. Special Characters: Primarch & Champion
          • 1. Can not move unassisted while dead. Special Characters must drop where they die.
          • 2. A living fighter with 2 empty hands on a dead Special Character allows that Special Character to walk (not run) back to their General to Res.
          • 3. If a special character counts to 100 Dagorhir, they can bring themselves back to their General.
          • 4. If a special character is behind the "line of engagement" (think of the 25 yard line on a foot ball field) they are a normal fighter. (this is to prevent Special Characters from defending their General)
          • 5. Primarch: Immune to limb damage. Immune to flight. Cant use shield. Must use a red, this is now a double red.
          • 6. Champion: Unbreakable shield. 1 stone skin. 1 melee weapon is poison. If Champion would be wounded, the champion dies instead.